a league of their own

With a season not in a league ahead of the Seattle Spartans, the team is 100% focused on themselves. This will be an interesting team to watch this year because they will only be focused on self improvement. In their eyes it would be nearly impossible to have anything but a perfect season. On this week's pre-season report Unplugged got to sit down and talk to the Seattle Spartans. A team who most recently played in the WFA, but decided to take a different route for the 2023 season. In the press release for the upcoming season they stated " This decision was made in order to provide more opportunities for our players and team. Such as our 2nd trip to Mexico for 2nd annual Women's Mayan bowl". With big goals in the sights of this organization they will be an exciting team to keep track of this year. 

Katrina Rooks number 63 on the spartans, known for her football IQ and experience, recently sat down for an interview where she shared insights on the upcoming season. She believes that the team needs to work on perfecting their craft and finding their rhythm as a unit in order to compete. They are also excited about playing with new teammates and seeing how they develop to fill gaps in the team's play. When it comes to handling pressure and nerves during big games, they take a moment to appreciate being a part of the sport and looks around at the beautiful field and fans. This allows them to revel in the joy of it and have fun, knowing that the discipline of practice will come second nature. Looking ahead to the season, she is excited to play against the seasoned group of women in the Majestics. As for advice to new or younger players looking to improve their game, she emphasizes finding your grind and putting in the hard work to get the rewarding results. The Seattle Spartans Center is ready to lead her team to success this season with her experience and dedication to the sport. Unplugged will be keeping an eye on the spartans and seeing how the year plays out for the team. It will undoubtingly be an exciting one